$79.00 an hour plus gas for two men and a truck. No minimum hours, No trip Charges and No Charges for Stairs
Local Movers

Local Movers in Phoenix, AZ

Local Movers in Phoenix, AZ

$79.00 an hour plus gas for two men and a truck. No minimum hours, No trip Charges and No Charges for Stairs

There is always something fascinating about a move, even if you’re just moving down the road or across town. You get to change locations and receive an exceptional chance to transform your life. Not only can you change the overall look of the new space you now live in, but you can also make modifications to improve your lifestyle since you are getting a fresh start.

Many people move when they would like to start a family and that’s definitely the most exciting change there is! Of course, for a move to be done properly there needs to be careful planning to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Even local moves can be incredibly stressful, dull, and at times even frustrating. That is the reason it’s essential to locate a local moving company that’s communicative, dependable, and efficient. At Emergency Family Movers we know how important it is to each home and business owner that every move goes as smooth as possible.


  • Our team takes every precaution to make certain that each one of your possessions is cared for properly!
  • For fragile items we offer bubble wrapping services. Each sensitive possession is double wrapped to ensure its safety.
  • We also offer several sizes of moving van. We have you covered no matter how big your move is!
  • We triple check to see that everything is moved to the new location in safety and security.


Transferring your business across the city is especially taxing because you might need to have paperwork filled out or sensitive gear moved. At Emergency Family Movers we are able to handle any requisite moving paperwork as well as any time sensitive requirements. We take special care to make a record of all the furniture, boxes, and other gear which needs to be moved so we can plan a strategy on how to best move your Phoenix, Arizona business.

Whether your relocation is going to take a few hours or last a few days, Emergency Family Movers is here to get the job finished. We’ll keep you informed each step of the way and are always prepared to obey any and all of your concerns.


Whether you are moving an office or a home, it’s important to you that your possessions make it to their new location safely, securely, and quickly. That’s why Emergency Family Movers provides Phoenix, AZ residents and business owners throughout Phoenix, Arizona, a moving service that’s unrivaled by our competition. We work hard to maintain the reputation we’ve earned.

One that guarantees efficacy, respect, and client satisfaction. We would like to thank all of our past clients who have called upon our services and also helped us become the success we are today!

Call us today for a free quote. Our movers are here to help anytime! We look forward to hearing from you!