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Your Trusted Phoenix Movers Moving Lives, Not Just Boxes

Every individual or company has consider relocation at some point or another. Why not make your move as smooth as possible and make sure that your possessions are in capable hands? Moving inside, or away from, Phoenix, Arizona needn’t be stressful once you enlist the assistance of the seasoned moving professionals at Emergency Family Movers.

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Comprehensive Moving Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

The Emergency Family Movers team can be hired to plan your move, organize packing, safely transport your possessions and set up you at your new location with ease.

Need storage? No problem! We manage residential or commercial moves from start to finish, or provide only the services that you need. Emergency Family Movers’ professionals consistently adhere to the highest security standards in the business and work closely with customers to meet any requirement.

Commercial Movers

Moving is a natural part of the lifecycle of many Phoenix, Arizona businesses. As time passes, companies grow, or shrink,

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

Disassembling furniture may be a nuisance, but it is often an essential part of moving. Whether it’s your couch that

Home Movers

Moving from one home to another can be a substantial life changing event for many people and households. The professional

Home Staging

If you’re a Phoenix, Arizona homeowner looking to put your house on the market, you might have heard about home

Industrial Moving

Moving an industrial project is a huge undertaking and every moment a company is not working is a second that

Lab and Medical Relocation

The medical profession is the central component in making certain people stay healthy so they can live a very long

Load and Offload Trucks

Whether you want to proceed on your own or if you need the assistance of a team of movers, it

Local Movers

There is always something fascinating about a move, even if you’re just moving down the road or across town. You

Long Distance Moving

Moving locally can be incredibly taxing. Moving a very long distance takes the stress and difficulties of a normal move

Office Moving

When moving office areas, one of the primary concerns is downtime because for each minute that your workers are not

Packing and Unpacking

So…you found your dream place! The idea of a new residence or bigger office is exciting! Unfortunately, the thought of

Specialty Moving

Few things are as exciting as finding your dream home or an office that suits the demands of your expanding

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Efficiency and Care Every Step of the Way

Whether you are moving inside Phoenix, AZ or outside of it, we’re there to make certain all your property is transported without incident. We map out our routes to be sure that your possessions are on the road for as short a time as possible. When we wrap and package our customers can rest assured that we always keep in mind that we need to protect any fragile items.


Trusted Company

As a local company, proudly serving Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas, Emergency Family Movers is committed to providing excellent services and maintaining our reputation in the area.

Trusted Services

When you hire Emergency Family Movers, you’re hiring a full service Moving Service with the experience and expertise required for all your needs.


Our Team

Our team meets the highest standards in experience and skills. We work hard to ensure our staff are duly trained and remain up to date in the latest trends in the industry.


What makes us different?

Exceptional Service Personalized Care Redefining Your Moving Experience

Whether it’s a room, a flat, or a whole house, we have you covered. We can tag all of the boxes so that your unpacking process isn't slowed down by having to open every box to locate what you're looking for and we can make sure everything ends up in the right room.


Whether it’s a room, a flat, or a whole house, we have you covered. We can tag all of the boxes so that your unpacking process isn't slowed down by having to open every box to locate what you're looking for and we can make sure everything ends up in the right room.


Transferring an office is not a simple job. It requires no small amount of preparation to be certain that every piece of equipment and all desks are clearly labeled and organized so that everything is sent to where it needs to be. We realize that our Phoenix, Arizona customers need their companies moved swiftly so they can return to work as soon as possible because time is money.


What are people who use our services saying about us?

Julie Carattini
Julie Carattini
Donnie and Luis were very professional and very friendly. They helped in so many ways. We also had two other gentleman from this company help us last week. I’m sorry, I can’t remember their names. This move has been a hard one for our family, but the movers were excellent! Will definitely call again when I need help moving! Thank you 😁
Brooke Klinger
Brooke Klinger
Super fast, reliable and great attitudes! Will recommend this company to all.
Female Frens
Female Frens
Amazing thank you!!!
Marrissa Tanner
Marrissa Tanner
Ronnie, Javier Luiz were outstanding, and very kind hearted. I would definitely recommend using this moving service. Because of the Arizona heat and all the heavy lifting and moving be sure to keep these fellas well hydrated.
Emma Van Why
Emma Van Why
Ronnie and Hector did an excellent job moving the dining room and living room furniture up to my apartment! They were efficient and kind and I couldn’t be happier!
Toddray Hawk Morrison
Toddray Hawk Morrison
Shout out to Ronnie and Ralph! Very fast with excellent customer service ! For over 10 years I’ve used this company zero complaints !
Chavez Vincent
Chavez Vincent
So I booked with these guys about a week in advance for them to call me 2 days and 1 day prior saying that I should do my move out a day earlier because to was a 50% chance of rain. I told them repeatedly I couldn’t because of work and not having the items ready (it would be unprofessional if I had nothing packed). So Friday finally comes I send a text at 7 am saying it doesn’t look like it’s gonna rain we should be ready to go just for him to say oh your next in line I have 1 job before yours when the past week I booked ahead and was told I could do early AM?? I asked when and he now said afternoon so I said it may rain early afternoon to which he said I should just call someone else. If you wanted to turn down my 2 apt job for a bigger one you could’ve just said that. At this point most moving companies were booked for the weekend so he said he’d call me and let me know. The whole day goes by till 9 pm at night and he says “we can be there first thing tomorrow morning” probably the most unprofessional movers in az
Danielle Ortega
Danielle Ortega
I've been using this company for about 6 years now. They have helped move me over and over again. They have good rates. They handle everything with care. They take things apart and put them back together. Thank you guys for being so great!
Patrecia Avery
Patrecia Avery
They the best thank u Ronnie jesus